Terms and conditions for our services

2Service B.V. offers as a professional solution for the collection of broken iPhone and Samsung LCDs at very favourable rates. We are also committed to transparency in our review process and to making prompt payments.

For this service, the following conditions apply:


  • Broken iPhone & SAMSUNG displays can involve an OEM A/B or C quality, we will assess this during the review.
  • Display (and touch) works in the same way as in the ‘original’ condition, only the glass is broken or damaged. For quality A/B, none or hardly any of the following should apply: poor backlight, dead pixels, grey surface, white lines and discolourations, burnt areas on the screen, water damage or pressure damage along the edges.
  • We work under the assumption that you wish to sell us all quality types, and that you do not wish to exclude a certain quality type.


  • If our recommended packaging method is not followed, we reserve the right to charge unpacking costs*.
  • After registering your LCDs, you will receive a reference number from us. Please indicate this number at both the top and the side of the box.


  • By agreeing with this report, you are expressing agreement with all the quality types listed in the report. If you choose to have one specific quality type returned, then all of the items will be returned to you and we will calculate the costs of the review*. These costs will be invoiced to you.
  • Not satisfied with the report? You can always request a return shipment. We will, however, calculate the costs of the review*. (with the exception of the first shipment, no costs are charged in this case)
  • If we have not received a response to the report after 14 days of receipt, you are automatically deemed in agreement with the contents of our report and a return can no longer be requested.


  • We will make payment to you via bank transfer only after receiving your invoice incl. VAT. Unfortunately we do not pay in cash.

*Our costs excl. VAT

Review costs (incl. shipment)Research costs
at disagree
(After 1st shipment)
Unpacking costs
If packaged difficult
Shipping costs
Up to 50 LCD €25,00--
Up to 100 LCD €50,00--
Up to 250 LCD €100,00--
250 LCD and over €150,00--